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Giving back

Seasonally, many Indigenous families move into the area of the Costalegre (Jalisco), to work on the local produce fields. This work encompasses 8-10 hour days for very little pay. Due to the seasonal nature of the work, these families are always on the move and can only travel with minimal items. As a result, they live without even the most basic necessities.

These families tend to be generational field workers, as most don’t speak Spanish, or, read and write. In hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty these families are caught up in, we are attempting to help.

How We're Helping

Through Educational programs, we starting schooling activities with the kids in the fields. The kids love learning and are great students. Four kids have been enrolled in the local school for the time they will be here, they got school uniforms, shoes and school supplies. We are also helping to provide food and meal support and medical assistance.

Learn More

Currently we are assisting 10 families with over 40 children. You can read here more: http://graphics.latimes.com/product-of-mexico-children/

Pitch in Yourself

There are many ways each of us can make a difference so feel free to ask us how you can help. http://brighterfuturebuildingcommunities.com/

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